Zumba in Style! 

What’s up everyone! It’s your favorite blogger (hahaha?) back with another post! I recently started taking up Zumba classes and boy have I been loving it! Dance + fitness + fun ? I’ll take all of that please! So a new fitness regime to a fashion blogger means : 

1. A new Pinterest board full of Zumba clothes 

2. A wardrobe full of Zumba clothes (not a wardrobe full…but hey it’s my blog and I get to exaggerate!) 

The thing with Zumba is its such a graceful and fun form of workout and it’s really motivating if you dress in interesting clothes because it’s one hour of seeing yourself in the mirror and it’s all the better if you like what you see! So I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of my Zumba-wear which I have been spamming Instagram with! Here goes! 


Now that all the pic-spamming is over I’ll get to what exactly you should and shouldn’t wear for Zumba! 

Shoes : Wearing comfortable shoes with a good grip is of supreme importance! Go for gym sneakers, dance sneakers or even your running shoes with a worn out tread. If however, you want “the real thing” Zumba.com has its own range of sneakers which look great on the dance floor because they are various shades of neon and I suppose they feel awesome too! (I use my Nike gym sneakers still!) 

Clothes : Zumba is all about having mad fun and so Zumba classes are usually filled with people wearing the craziest and the brightest colors (for reference go back to the pictures above 👆🏽) While there are no hard and fast wears and don’t wears, it goes a long way to wear very comfortable and fitting clothes while dancing because in between all the struggling to keep up with your instructor’s moves the last thing you want is for your clothes to get in the way and disturb you! I love layering to Zumba because the style is full of torso movements and I feel less conscious doing them when I know there is one more layer of clothing between me and the world (ha!).  So while there is no such thing as what to wear for a Zumba class, clothes you can avoid include-

  • pure cotton shirts and tops since Zumba is such an intense work out, you definitely need some material which will absorb the sweat and wick perspiration 
  • Ill fitting clothes, long sleeved tshirts and ill fitting underwear 
  • Low cut tshirts because Zumba is all about jumping moving around and bending and you’ll honestly not work out to your fullest capacity if at the back of your head a small voice keeps reminding you to protect your modesty! 

Some places I have found pretty cool Zumba clothes include : Myntra.com, Zumba.com, Nike, Westside and Jockey! 

That would be all from me folksies! Have a fabulous rest of the week and just to rub it into your face, we in south India have just two more days to go before the loooong weekend kicks in! Yay yay yayyy! Love y’all 💋

Posing and chilling with my zumba instructor Bhavana! :* Oh and please note, we aren’t sweating, we are sparkling!!!

Check out my instructor Bhavana’s Zumba work and know more about her classes at her Facebook page: Zumba fitness with Bhavana !!

Inspiration for some Perspiration!

While I have dabbled in some sort of physical activity from when I was about 6 years old (yes my mom claims she caught glimpses of the dancer stowed away in the depths of my cranium right when I was SIX YEARS OLD. Can’t you beat that can you?) I have never focused so much on how what you wear plays a significant role in your performance as I am realizing now. Ever since I have taken to running I’ve started taking a conscious effort to dress appropriately. Now let me tell you, this post is not going to make you fashion-wise any wiser because today baby its all about COMFORT!
So, as I was saying, dressing appropriately for running means wearing something which feels like your second skin, which you are super comfortable in. Five basic rules of thumb (is that the correct plural form? Never mind!) include the following:

1. Choose that outfit which involves least hindrance. While we might like nothing better than to wear a sports bra and sprint on the street we know that that’s not happening in India anytime soon. So your alternative would be to be smart and choose a climacool sweat absorbing pair of shorts or tights and T-shirt which isn’t too loose or tight.


2. Put a leash on that mane. Don’t forget you are preparing to sweat it out. Keep your hairstyle as fuss free as possible. A simple high – out of your face – ponytail is the best hairstyle for workouts.


3.Fluorescents for safety. Become a living siren. Go all out fluorescent if you plan on working out on the roads especially before dawn or after dusk. Safety and grabbing eyeballs at the same time? Yes please! 🙂


3. Restrict the gadget freak in you to the bare minimum. Personally, even my watch is a burden for me when I run. While deciding how much is too much is totally up to you, do realize that these gadgets take away the beauty of the workout itself. After all, that might be the only time of the day you can stay completely clear of calls and the social media. Make the most of that time concentrating on your body and mind and not on gadgets.


4. Brand consciousness is a good thing. The only place where being brand conscious actually makes a difference is sportswear. Be it shoes, tights, t-shirts or shorts, out of personal experience I’ve realized the hard way that good brands last way longer than thrifty buys and it is definitely worth every penny investing in good quality sports wear. Think about it. You are not setting fashion statements in your gym or on the roads. So buy minimally, but whatever you buy, go branded!


4. Footwear faux pas. Read up extensively on the signs to look out for, for footwear wear and tear and be observant and mindful of the same. I cannot and need not stress the importance of good footwear. This point goes beyond just looking good. Shoes used is like the make or break of your fitness routine so be wise. (It might just deprive you of two months of shopping for the regular boring t-shirts and tunics. And honestly those t-shirts and tunics aren’t sprouting legs and running away anywhere anytime soon so footwear people footwear!!😂) 


5. Just to make it to five points. Finally, know that working out is the happiest thing you’ll probably be doing that day. So go crazy, be yourself and have some well deserved fun the fit way!


(Love the burpees T-shirt…dafuq burpees go away. We all hate you! Lel!)

All pictures from pinterest

Hope you enjoyed the post. While I have told nothing you probably havent already heard a dozen times before, I hope they motivate you to stay suave trendy and safe while working out. Hope the week is panning out well so far! Have a great rest of the week. So long!🙋

P.S. I decided I could come out of the closet (lol) and tell the world about my blog. So I have opened a Facebook page and linked my Instagram account too! So much for taking the blog to the next level!