Scarfed and Bunned!

As much as I would love to think that my hiatus in the blogging world was a calm before the storm, its not true. I’ve just had nothing too exciting going on in my life, inspiring enough to blog about. I have also slipped into a phase where I’m merely recycling my old (most of them very boring too 😝) clothes, so an OOTD was out of question as well.
Yesterday however was different. I woke up very early so had plenty of time at hand and hence decided to try something different to work. And so, I tried the very famous “sock bun” 😍




I probably did not do a very neat job of it, (and I guess that’s mainly because I dont use hairsprays) but was nonetheless extremely proud of it (haha that’s me!!)
I used a ring bun instead of a sock because its easier and its a cheat trick to add volume to my hair! 😁. You can find the link to the video I followed to get this hairstyle here

So people at work started calling me “the airhostess” because I completed my look with a…*wait for it*..scarf!!! The look was so airhostessey that I couldn’t but just laugh at these jests because I did look like one after all!! 😂 So dont you guys want to see how I looked from the front?




I got this scarf as a gift and I really love how versatile it is and how it instantly and completely adds so much vibrance to an otherwise dull look!

Do tell me what you guys thought about the hairstyle and the scarf!?! Have you guys scarfed up to make a boring outfit look colorful? I’m all ears ☺

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