Let’s Agree to Filigree

I’ve always loved my jewelry and the more intricate they are, the prettier they look and the more imaginery points they score from me…pfft who wouldn’t want to earn my imaginery points right? 😒😜
While my mom has a lot of pure gold jewelry with intricate filigree work, (er..ya we Indians kinda stock up on gold. We are fanatic gold-hoarders) I can’t possibly show that over the world wide web to you, so I decided to show you guys a couple of my recent and favorite artificial filigree jewelry acquisitions!

1. A peter pan collar chain


I bought this beauty recently at an Indian store called Globus! The work on it was so delicate and precise with a roses and pearl that it was love at first sight for me! A close up if you must!


Is that beautiful or what? 😎

2. Filigree Earrings
Moving on, this next piece of jewelry was a gift and again the filirgree work makes it look so dressy that I reserve it for occasions. Since I had to show you guys how it looks however, I wore it one day to work. (Sigh! Things I do for you guys! 😍😝)


These earrings have the knack of converting boring and whatever to classy and….not-so-whatever (what I couldn’t think of adjectives ok? 😂)
A closer look once again!


They said keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I add, keep people who gift you beautiful filigree jewelry closest! 😝😂
Have a lovely week people! Stay happy and safe!

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