Plaid and Simple!

In an attempt to address the elephant in the room I set about gathering and laying out all the varieties of checks, plaids and ginghams I own. To ads to the drama i added my sister’s shirts too! And guess what? We had emptied half our wardrobes O.o


What’s it about plaids and gingham? Why do they dominate most girls’ and EVERY boy’s wardrobe?

Then I realized! They are comfy, frumpy, cozy and easy all at once and that works wonders for most of us, most of the days 😛



Though I never consciously took pictures of my plaids, (they weren’t post worthy I thought!) I do have some random pictures of me in them! And this post is dedicated to all that randomness!



(Please ignore them antics by my friend and me. 😋)


Plaids are so versatile that you can wear them upon a pair of colored shorts and head to the beach and change to a pair of chinos or trousers and strut to work in them too!


By the time I finished sifting through my humongous pile of pictures for these ones I’m tired and sleepy. Perils of the forever-sleepy! So off I go! Stock up on your plaids because they are here to stay!! Wait was that rhyming? Oh never mind…!!! 🌜🌆😴!

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