Chambray and Anime!

I was feeling creative this Friday and wanted to wear something fashion blogger worthy to work; but standing in front of my closet I was as lost as a kitten on a tree. That’s when I remembered Pinterest! So I chose one item in my wardrobe – my animal print shirt and looked for inspiration on Pinterest of course! And….. Tadaaa!


I have read this on a couple of blogs where they knew one piece they wanted in their outfit and turned to Pinterest to create the look with it and that’s pretty much what I did too!


So I paired animal print top with my chambray shirt and blue jeans. I was so not in the mood to wear my animal print over chambray and jeans because I realized that outfit by itself kicks ass so well! 😍 But but but.. A fashion blogger is as a fashion blogger does so I cajoled myself into creating this look! 💅💄👠


Don’t you agree? Light blue dark blue and and tan belt.! Killer! #omgdidIjustcreateanoutfiinanoutfit ?? 😋


For a good part of the day my chambray was peeping out only on the collars and cuffs but for sometime I unbuttoned my first layer because my friend felt I wasn’t doing the chambray enough justice. Covering it all up and everything 😝😂 


The rest of my look was brown and earrings, watch and shoes!


Oohh I love my glitteroos!! 😍🙌

Have you mixed trends and textures? Have you tried this particular one? Do try it out and have a happy weekend!! 😘

15 thoughts on “Chambray and Anime!

    • Aww this comment made me giggle like a teenager (I blame you for that 😝😘) and yes what we would do without chambray right!? I love denims and chambrays too! Thank you for stopping by Sonam πŸ˜ŠπŸ’


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