Print Preview Finale!! – TOW the Quirkies!

Title inspiration : Friends! 😝😍

Aaanyways! Hi you guys! As a final part of this print preview series, I bring to you quirky prints as the theme. So what qualifies as a quirky print? Any pattern which is actually decipherable and isn’t meant to be on a dress – like a face! or pineapples! or tea cups! or hair dryers (what? It’s a possibility Ok?)


All dressed for an office party! The only kinda party I attend! 😂



Since any and every unual print qualifies as quirky I’m going to restrict myself to just a few. So what you see above is a really cool tribal print bubble top. I bought this one online off an Instagram account for 300 bucks can you believe that? 😍😊
When a lot is going on in one piece of your outfit it’s often a wise idea to restrict the chaos and have every other piece quite plain. That’s why I paired that top with a red blazer and blue jeans!

Outfit details : Tribal printed Top – sugarpopssp (Instagram account) | Red blazer – Only | Jeans – 109°F | Glitter platform heels – Westside | Glitter clutch – Polka dot and you (Instagram account) | Watch – Tommy Hilfiger

Other fun(ny) prints include the famous pineapple printed crop tops and shorts which has taken over the F21 and HM market! I love them but not enough to buy them yet! 😂
Here are some really different prints I came across on Pinterest!


Typewriters have never looked this good. Agreed?



A big moustache creeps me out only in real apparently!

Also, here’s my take on these fun prints!




This is the famous iron box printed kurti my sister owns. Since she’s too busy to pose for me (😕 uh-huh) I decided to put a look book of sorts with that piece. So I paired it up with my sister’s knee length denim shorts and a pashmina shawl (my proud possession. Lol) This print never fails to turn some heads and others find it to be an easy conversation starter when she wears it. Its quirky and pretty cheap and we had no reason to not love it 😊

Outfit Details : Iron box printed Kurti – Aakriti by Pantaloons | Knee length denim shorts – Bare Denim | Pashmina Shawl – Thrifted off the beautiful streets of Delhi.

That’s all for today’s post my beautiful readers. Do you have any such fun prints which make heads turn too? Tell me! I’m all ears 😀🙉

Also, watch this space for some amazing outfit posts and website recommendations in the days to come! Have an amaze-balls weekend! 💝 Ciao!

5 thoughts on “Print Preview Finale!! – TOW the Quirkies!

  1. Informative write up with lot of Interesting Facts with lot of colors to make the pics ravishing !! Awaiting for you to write on something on we poor men so that we can get some tips .


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