Spotty Friday!

Hey you guyssss!


Wazzzaaa!?! So I actually tried a trend from my imaginary checklist of trends-to-try and boy did I love it :mrgreen: say hey to animal prints! ✋
I just had to pose for a picture with my coolers on because they have animal print temples too ( yes the parallel beams on the shades which perch above your ears are apparently called temples. #thankyougoogle 😂)
So let me show you a complete version of the OOTD



This leopard print blouse has been lying in my closet untouched for quite a while now because I’ve been apprehensive about wearing it – courtesy – my mom. Every time I take this blouse out she does a perfect eye roll and goes like “why would anyone in their right minds walk around looking like an animal.” (I guess she completes the paragraph in her brain like “how creepy would it be if a leopard dresses up like a  human” …but yeah she doesn’t say it…and as long as she doesn’t, I’m happy 😝)
So I paired this printed top with my favorite pair of jeans I bought more than a year ago from Levis. Hope you trust me when I say this; there has not been a single pair of jeans which has fit me this well since my childhood.. Hahha. :mrgreen: One thing I’ve learnt about jeans through the years is that we can equate it to buying sports shoes. Though the brand, the cut etcetera may be exactly the same, the fit sometimes differs, so the key is just definitely trying them on and checking as against buying them online or without actually trying them. Been there done that burnt my fingers and felt bad guys. So please don’t repeat that mistake!
And now introducing the best part of the outfit…ba-dum-tssss!!! My heels!!! I got these glitter heels recently and I absolutely love them to bits. I can strut in them for life. Yayyy…so comfortable yet sexy 😆


Lovely don’t you think? Hope you guys enjoyed the post and the animal print trend I tried. Tell me what you guys thought. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Spotty Friday!

  1. Hi Shilpa , first of all I love animal prints . I have loads of them specially leopard prints . And therefore I just loved this top of your’s 🙂 . And the jeans , I have tried jeans from different brands and none of them looks very good on me .There always seems to be some issue and I used to think something was wrong with my legs . But then to my surprise I found two that fits me perfectly well , I din’t even have to alter . So yes I definitely understand how you feel Shilpa . And finally I envy your footwear collection 😉 .


    • Hey Shruti 😘 !!! You like animal prints? Im also starting to love them and thinking about slowly buying more pieces like a scarf, shoes, etc with those prints. They brighten looks instantly dont they 😀!
      And yes…I’m honestly so relieved and happy you had those jeans issues too…hahaha…so mean right? But seriously why do they not fit well just for a few people.. I also thought my thigh-hip-waist proportions were totally off…but if its happening for others too then its totally the manufacturers’ mistake 😂😜
      And thank you for loving my shoes. Yes my shoe collection is slowly growing and I Love that!!


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