Shilpa Does CropTop!

Hi y’all! A recent thrift shopping haul ended with me buying my first ever crop top. Technically its more of a cropped laced  overcoat than top, but whatever!
It is a beautiful peachy pink laced box fit cropped overcoat and needless to say, I loved it the minute I saw it.


I bought the top with much confidence and gusto about being able to pull it off because I’m known to throwing body shape related caution to the winds and dive headlong into clothes and all that (didn’t you actually imagine me diving headlong into an imaginary tub full of clothes? I did. 😜). However, I come home and realize this over coat is not cropped enough! Have you faced such a situation readers? Where your cropped top is just too long?


I would like to think and explain with flair and grandeur that I thought and pondered about the issue in hand for long before an idea struck me. But meh..that however ain’t true guys, it struck me almost immediately that the simplest way out was to stick to a same color tone for my T-shirt and jeans so that the torso appears longer and hence the crop top shorter! Voila!


With my black T-shirt and skinnies, I wore the peach statement necklace which has appeared once previously in this post!


I completed the look with a pair of earrings in a shade close to that of the necklace. I have, in more than one occasion been able to get away with accessories not exactly in the same shade because somehow the colors reflect on each other and look more or less like the same shade and that’s good enough and the world can live with that!
I…er…also…may or may not have used my gold eyeliner to fill in the triangle formed by the corner of my winged eye makeup and the inside edge of my eyes to look all glittery and shimmery. May or may not have guys….just giving y’all the benefit of that doubt. 😂

As per popular request, I have also decided to specifically mention where each part of the outfit was picked from which is a format almost every non-lazy and non-Shilpa blogger follows, so here goes:

Cropped overcoat : Fast fashion (a small but well stocked shop in Besent Nagar) | Black T-shirt and statement necklace : Globus | Jeans : Waves | Watch : Tommy Hilfiger | Wedges : Westside | Earrings : Thrifted (of a vendor in a the local trains of Mumbai 😜)

That would be all from me folks. Have a great weekend! I sure am having one !💃

26 thoughts on “Shilpa Does CropTop!

  1. Lol yeah if you are tiny like me u ll face it..tiny crop shirts come as full shirt for me .. Yeah u heard it right..😋 Now I don’t dream of wearing a crop lol can’t pull it off , I need flat abs for it 😔

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    • Yayyy thanks a lot 😀 yes these glitter heels are my favorite 😀 I overused them So much that they gave way. I got them fixed and started overusing them all over again. Lol

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    • Hahaha you used to go there as a child?? My colleague who took me there has also been going there since she was a kid apparently! And you may or may not be right about the glitter make up. Hahaha :*


    • Hahaha I never realized they were this tricky until I jumped the crop top bandwagon man! Like seriously outfits annoy just one body type usually.. These things trick everybody. People as petite and sexy as Sonam and people as short and stout as shilpa. 😂😜

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      • LOL hahaha you are just hysterical. They are really tricky .. its almost like they need their own special category now because lets face it these bad boys are going to be around for many more seasons and I LOVE them but man can they be a pain! I’m struggling with a few styles right now as I scramble to get my outfits together for Vancouver Fashion Week.


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