Give it up for the Jumpsuit! 

Hi my lovely readers! Do you remember me ranting on multiple occasions about how a jumpsuit never ever ever fits me perfectly? Well I atlast got my hands on the jumpsuit which was destined to be mine recently and I couldn’t wait to show it to you guys 😍 so here we go! 



 I styled the jumpsuit with two statement pieces. One of which was this golden messenger bag which I absolutely love! My next style was :


My second statement piece was this absolutely beautiful silk blazer. I loved this look more because it added so much definition to the waistline and gave me some shape 😃

Outfit details : Jumpsuit – Forever21, Bag – BagsbyAnqi, Blazer – VESA Online, Heels -Westside 

Hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet post 😃 I realised I was so caught up in doing theme based posts that I was never doing simple outfit posts any more and that’s why this one ❤️ have a an amazing week ahead. Let’s hope it passes as quickly and painlessly as a strip of chocolate wax being pulled out 😜 Enjoy your day!  



12 thoughts on “Give it up for the Jumpsuit! 

  1. Such a stunner! You suit jumpsuits impeccably … now find some more and show some more off to us haha! Oh by the way I’m totally admiring and envious of your metallic gold bag; its too cute AND that gorgeous blazer !! Don’t think I can ever stop complementing how great of a piece that is and everytime you have worn it, you have styled it faultlessly. My BBF is such a babe; miss you Shilpa! Hope all is well in your world.

    PS. Was totally inspired by your Rice Back blog post; such a wonderful organization! I definitely want to get involved with the amazing cause and promote to my group of family and friends. Will comment on that post seperately. Ok miss toodles!


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    • Sonammmmm sonammmmm sonam!!!! Gosh you and your compliments make me blush scarlet Hahahaha! I totally love that bag and blazer too 😀
      So so happy you mentioned the Buy Rice Back post! Please let me know if you are interested, I’ll put you through to the cofounders and they’ll be jumping if a US blogger is willing to blog for them because they have a more established supply chain and set up in the US! Gosh I have missed you too :* ❤ and you long lovely and heart warming comments! 😀 have a big smile plastered on my face now 😀

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      • Hahaha you are amazing!! Hope all is well with you missy 🙂 ❤ AND I'm from Canada!!! WHAT. I thought you knew that HAAAAWWWWW. I'm from Vancouver BC haha SHILPA!! Its ok you are totally forgiven. Please do get me in touch lovely; I would LOVE to spread the word and even purchase style or two so that I can start wearing it out here and getting the word out!


    • Thank you Preethi! I did find the one at last! Hahaa! Yes things at home had gone little bad but nothing compared so many who are in worse states…now everything back to normalcy (almost 🙂 ) how are things at your place and prathyush s place in chennai


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