One Tadka Martini please!

Now that the caption got you all curious, let me tell you this post has nothing to do with cooking, it has nothing to do with drinking and no! it has nothing to do with creative naming either (though I must say I’m mighty proud of “Tadka Martini” Patent material right? Loljk!)

Before I ramble on about what this post might and will be about, let me ramble for a bit about where I have been all this while. What do you mean you don’t want to know? Of course you do! Don’t be silly! I was and I technically still am on a grand break! A break from all things routine and that includes blogging cuz guess what? I’M GETTING MARRIED! Oh yeah! The big day is in two months and there’s so much left to do a.k.a shopping, and that’s the reason for all this lack of activity! While I’m super excited about the marriage, I just can’t wait to get back to blogging post the marriage cuz helllloooo marriage means new clothes and new clothes means new BLOG POSTS! Whoop Whoop!

Aaand that brings me back to this blog post! I was initially not planning on doing this post, albeit wanting to do it, until after the wedding madness. However, things like outfits and photographer dates just fell into place beautifully and so it HAD to be done!

Now that the wedding season has started and all weddings have become super retro I thought up of this really indo-western outfit option for fun evening events like sangeet and cocktail parties (and that’s why the title! cocktail-indowestern-tadka martini like vodka martini…get it? 😝)

It’s basically a combination of a lot of traditional and western elements. Like the pencil skirt and the oxfords are fully Martini and the traditional angarkha type top and the oiled plaited hair is fully Tadka! Went for a mid-partitioned plait in the beginning – couldn’t bear looking at myself in the mirror and decided I did not want to put you through that torturous sight either! But if that look suits you, go right ahead and rock it like Alia Bhatt!

This outfit screams comfort from head to toe! Fuss free hair style to shoes you can dance and prance in, it is the perfect package for a fun party! This way you are always sorted for those parties where you might be called desi if you go in a saree and posh if you sport an LBD! (The way I talk, you might think I get invited to tonnes of such parties on a regular basis right…#legitlolmoment )

Outfit Details: Top – Shilpi, Skirt – New York and Company, Shoes –

I had absolute fun putting together this indo-ethnic outfit for an  impromptu shoot I did with Rahul of Rio Photography. Tell me if you recreate this look for any party! So long my fraaands!










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